Marc Broekema

De accuraatheid van inschattingen van de waardering van bedrijven

Marc Broekema is duale promovendus bij het Centrum Regionale Kennisontwikkeling van de Faculteit Campus De Haag.

His research concerns a study - under the working title ‘Why valuations fail’ - to the underexposed elements when valuing a firm, and its impact on valuation outcomes.


Broekema is a partner at Talanton Valuation Services in Amsterdam where he provides a range of valuation consulting services to clients for analysing merger and acquisition targets, shareholder disputes, tax valuation, internal restructurings and fairness opinions, for a wide variety of industries. Prior to joining Talanton, he owned and managed several IT-companies. Broekema holds a master degree in economics/valuation and law, and a postmaster degree in valuation.


Prof. dr. J.A.A. Adriaanse


Dr. M. Dechesne


Business valuation, prediction errors, data and analytics, subjectivism, unforeseen events, income approaches, qualitative elements, firm performance.


One of the most discussed dilemmas when valuing a firm is how to predict its future performance. There are innumerable assumptions which lies beneath a predication, or events that gradually can influence predications. The study is an attempt to improve the predication process when determining the economic value of a firm that can be applied to determine the fair market value of a firm from a ‘going-concern’, ‘as-is’ and ‘stand-alone’ perspective.



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